Monday, February 18, 2013

Everwater Pendant

I spent a lot of time on this pendant working on an underlying structure to keep the points from flipping backward. With all the hematite and crystal in this, not to mention the freshwater pearls, it has a lot of weight to it, which is different for me because my work is usually very light. I sort of like the weight though. It gives the necklace a real presence when you wear it :) 


  1. I have been looking through your blog, even went over to peek at your artfire stuff. Very, Very nice!
    I gotta say the more I look the more impressed I am. Most of the bead artists I see make the same thing (or a close version) over and over. Where there is great value in that I am really enjoying the uniqueness of your pieces!
    I would like the pattern to Jacobs Tear, do you sell patterns? I didnt find it among your free patterns, which are wonderful, thank you!

    1. Thank you! *blushing* I'm glad you like my work. Unfortunately, I don't have a pattern for the Jacobs Tear necklace. It was freeform when I was making it, and I sold the piece to a lovely gentlemen who bought it for his wife for Christmas, so unfortunately, I can neither remember how I arrived at the design nor backwards engineer it. In general, I haven't sold any patterns--I mostly make free ones, because I'm always concerned that the directions won't be clear enough for others to follow and I feel bad charging money for something when I am so uncertain if others will be able to use it as intended. If you do happen to try any of the free patterns posted, I would love feedback on how clear/not-clear the directions were. :)