Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Star Base Tutorial

So, here’s the thing…normally, I try to keep the tutorials to one single image that can be easily downloaded. But then I realized that the first half of the David’s Star tutorial used a beaded component that I often start with when designing new pieces. It made sense to do a tutorial for the base separately, so I can refer back to it in future tutorials and they don’t take me as much time to complete. [ And boy did this one take time to complete. (T-T) ]

Because this isn’t a really complicated base (and to save time so I can get the actual tutorial to you lovely people sooner) I’m not doing a single image for this one, but rather, a blog post that I can link in future tutorials which make use of this base.

Star Base
Materials: Tila beads, Twin beads, size 11 SB, 14mm Rivoli

Step 1: Make a ring of 6 Tila beads and 6 size 11 SB in an alternating pattern as shown and tie it off. Weave the tail thread into the ring (just go around a few times) and snip it. Exit the main thread from a Tila.

Step 2: Stitch “up” so your thread is now exiting the top hole of a Tila bead.

Step 3: Pick up 1 size 11 SB, 1 Twin bead, 1 size 11 SB. Pass through the next Tila’s top hole.

Step 4: Continue to repeat step three around the circle until you are back with your thread exiting the first Tila.

Step 5: Square stitch a new Tila on top of the one from the previous round (hereafter referred to as the “base Tilas”).

Step 6: Continue around the circle adding new Tilas on top of the base Tilas with square stitch. Then “fold” the new Tilas down so they lie on top of the base Tilas.

Step 7: Leave your thread exiting a Twin bead. Pick up 1 size 11 SB and sew through the “joint hole” of the new Tila next to it. (This is the hole on the outer edge of the circle once you have folded the Tilas down.)

Step 8: Pick up 1 size 11 SB and pass through the next Twin bead. Pick up another size 11 SB and sew through the next joint hole/outer edge of the next new Tila.

Step 9: Continue around repeating step 8 until you are back to the beginning of the round. Leave your thread exiting a new Tila bead.

Step 10: Stitch “down” into the lower/inner hole of the new Tila.

Step 11: Set your Rivoli into the space between the base Tilas and the new Tilas.

Step 12: Pick up 1 size 11 SB and pass through the next Tila.

Step 13: Continue around. Then retrace the thread path several times to secure the Rivoli. Weave through your work so your thread is exiting a twin bead.

***Star Base is Finished!***
This is a great base to build off of, so don’t hesitate to try designing with it. It is my gift to you. <3 Next time, we’ll use the Star Base to make a David’s Star pendant.


  1. Thank you very much for this tutorial - it is very clear.
    The Star Base looks good enough on its own, but is a perfect starting point for experimenting.
    I also find your piece about Math and Star Points very interesting.
    Thanks for explaining the design process, it's fascinating!

    1. You're very welcome! I'm glad you found it helpful. :D