Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wheel of Fate Pendants (A Reader's Choice Tutorial candidate)

"Wheel of Fate" Pendants

The first major design breakthrough I had this summer was these Wheel of Fate pendants. I wish the pictures conveyed their dimensional layering better, but alas, I am at best a poor photographer. Here's a side view of one of them to try and show what I mean:

In person, they are rather complex looking--an effect achieved through the use of Tila beads and a small suspension trick also used in the construction of bridges.They look difficult to make, but are really more of an intermediate project, I think (if you can bezel a rivoli, you can make this pendant). They also work up fairly quickly, clocking in at an hour to an hour and a half to make from start to finish.  

The Wheel of Fate pendant is one of the choices for the reader's choice tutorial poll I am going to attempt sometime next week. I will be making a tutorial of the design with the most votes. Stayed tuned tomorrow for the next of the three options. (^-^)

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