Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thorn Flower Pendants (A Reader's Choice Tutorial candidate)

Thorn Flower Pendants

Of all my new designs from this summer, I am most proud of this one. Making use of both the new twin beads and the new baby spike beads along with my favored tila bezel technique--it's really just a great example of my personal aesthetic as a designer as translated into the new and exciting materials that have become available in the last few years.

There are actually two different versions of the design in the photo above, and just so no one is disappointed, the center one is the one which would be featured in the tutorial if this design wins the poll. Here's a close up shot of it:

The difference between the two versions is very slight, but the changes I made to the way I stitched this third pendant (as opposed to the original two) makes it less difficult to show in tutorial diagrams and easier to make in general. 

So there you have it. The Thorn Flower Pendant is the last of the three possible choices for my reader's choice tutorial poll. I'll be making a tutorial for the design which gets the most votes. Be looking for the poll to show up soon (provided I can get it to work--otherwise we may have to vote via comments...) Details will be posted as soon as I get it up and running! (^-^)


  1. Hi Jenifer,
    I love this one too! It is going to be difficult to choose just one.

    1. Thanks! Now you know why I'm having you all do that for me ;)