Saturday, August 18, 2012

Job's Tear Pendant

Job's Tear Pendant

This was one of many summer creations. I wish the photo did better justice to the dimensionality of this piece, but on the up side, the colors are well represented. :) The piece receives its name from the pale white seed hanging from the bottom, which is called a Job's Tear, referencing a biblical story found in the old testament and the Hebrew bible. 

This is one of those pendants which took a while to grow on me. I'll admit that I wasn't fond of it when I first finished making it, but found myself wearing it anyway. Over time, I liked it more and more. The odd thing is that it has a similar effect on my friends and coworkers. Almost no one is "drawn to it" as they are many of my other necklaces, but inevitably, it is the one that gets the most attention if they keep looking at my pendants for a long enough time. An interesting effect which adds to the overall mystique of the piece, especially given the nature of the biblical reference. I like how that almost says something about the person who interacts with this object--the way that one is not immediately enamored with the piece but comes to see the beauty of it only by considering it fully on the object's own terms.

Wow. I sounded like a "serious" artist there for a second. ;)

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