Monday, April 2, 2012

Dragon Fishing Pendant

This pendant got its name because long magatma beads always make me think of dragons ever since the Dragon Bangle project in Beadwork, and I couldn't help thinking that this pendant was a stylized tale about a dragon fishing for Koi out of a pond with his claw. I find stories come naturally while I am making unique pendants like this. It gets me into trouble because sometimes, having a story with a piece makes it hard to give it up later when it gets sold. :(  But I take comfort in the knowledge that my works go to good homes where their new owners will love them at least as much as I do. :) 


  1. Jenifer....i have just discovered your blog. your pieces are beautiful and stunning... i am a beginning beader and have drooled over all your pictures! :D ... i look forward to seeing more of your pieces come to life