Saturday, January 28, 2012

Favorite Hungarian Beadwork: Flower Shield

This one is called Pajzsvirág Mintája (translation as best I can tell: Flower Shield). The pattern is by Krisztina Csapo and is available on her blog here: [Click on the word “innen” in the text below the first picture for the link to the Google Docs downloadable pdf] The pattern, like the site, is not in English, it’s in Hungarian.  However, I thought the diagrams were pretty easy to follow. 

This has become one of my favorite designs. The medallion is stable and feels durable without being too heavy. The materials are common and the color options are endless, making this one of my go-to patterns when I need to create an accompaniment for an outfit. :) I will say this: the pattern is physically challenging in terms of how tight some of the spaces are where you need to get a needle into. While it's small and looks fairly straight forward, I'd say this is an advanced pattern. Don't plan on doing them quickly until you've had lots of practice.

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