Monday, January 30, 2012

Favorite Hungarian Beadwork: Fianna Pendant

This is the Fianna Pendant by Ewa Kovács, a wonderfully talented Hungarian beader who graciously offers tons of awesome free patterns on her blog. The site is in both Hungarian and English, but the patterns are only in Hungarian. Luckily, her beautiful full color photos and helpful diagrams make following them easy even if you don’t speak the language. You can get this pattern here:

In case you are wondering, those are indeed Tila beads fanning out from the centers. I love tila beads, so it's probably no surprise that I found this design absolutely enchanting. The pattern wasn't too difficult but does require that you feel comfortable enough to bezel a rivoli with peyote stitch (since there are no instructions for that part). But the rest of the pattern is very straightforward and fairly simple. 


  1. Hi I asked a girl on a you tube video about some work she was showing and she posted your address that led to this lady you posted about. I went to her site and tried to print her patterns and they don't come up in our format so I can enlarge the pattern so i can read. Can you recommend or help so I can print out. I'm in the US don't know if they use diffeent program or what is the word for print and I could look for it. Thank you

    1. Hi there! I will try to help as best I can: You won't be able to print directly from her site. You'll have to click on the pattern pages (which are actually picture files), then, right click and select 'save as'. Save the pictures to whatever file folder you'd like. Then open a document program (such as Microsoft Word, or an equivalent program) and insert the image. Re-size it as large as your page will allow. Then you'll be able to print it out like any other document. :)